Many of the people have found the refugee to escape from their homeland

The global danger looking in the horizon can be observed by the Mariyam Dawood and Bashir Dawood. The natural disasters and financial crisis in the early century will include the numerous threats of terrorism. The global citizens in the world will follow the devastating attacks like earthquakes and typhoons around the world.

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In order to find the refuge, many of the citizens have escaped from their homeland. There are only a few people who have survived after the major earthquakes in Pakistan. The spirits of the population have devastated the infrastructure after several floods. The individuals are not only displaced but they are separated from their families. The massive losses are tackled by many people based on their income and livestock.

Tributes of the Pakistani army:

The citizens can hope for a better future with the light that is present at the end of the tunnel. The humanitarian bodies in the region are called the numerous catastrophes. The rise of the Pakistani army has tributes to many of the government bodies. The victims can regain their footing again with the efforts provided by the humanitarian.

The organizations and the international humanitarian have initiated and coordinated the citizens. The disasters have affected the tribulations which are united by the missions. The active participant in the humanitarian relief will include the Mariyam Dawood foundation. The Pakistani population can get back on their feet as they are eager to know about the Mariam Dawood and Bashir Dawood.