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IPad you will need to check a few settings inside your iPhone or there are. The element is to test drive it. Only a fast note. The Setting will be referred Locate My iPad and to Locate My iPhone. Do not be concerned about what it is known because the same function. Find My iPhone for the sake of this post I shall refer to it. Now there are Two methods toggle. And they iPad and are the same for any iPhone. Either Settings iCloud Locate My iPhone or Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendars iCloud Locate My iPhone. Be absolutely certain Find My iPhone is set to On. The paragraph above is Presuming you have got iCloud setup on the apparatus. Enter your Apple ID requested, In case you have got no got it set up yet. This can be Accomplished. I say nearly, because it has not tried via a phone that is unique. That you let me know, if it can be achieved with Blackberry or a Droid be sure. Why it could not, I do not understand. You would use them like PC or a Mac given below. We will start out with a PC or Mac. Head over to and log into using your Apple ID and password. Click on the Find My iPhone program and. well that is it really. Your personal products Attached to the Apple ID you logged in with if load at the upper left of your screen. Pick your iPhone or iPad from your set of devices. It will demonstrate that device is current position working with a black label.

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In that label, Click the I in the right of the tag. Three choices will be seen by you. I will discuss those right now. The first is that the Opportunity to Play Audio or Send Message. Selecting this option will bring up a window type in a text. You may choose whether you want your device. I am fairly sure the remove icloud lock tone will go on for two minutes. Make sure to check this. You may add a random message inside the box or leave it vacant. Ensure the Play Audio toggle is set to On. Whenever you are happy, click Send in the top right. It should not take very long to your device to begin chiming displaying the text you sent to it popped up on the lock screen. This particular function is extremely handy for people who have lost your iPhone in between these recliner cushions.