Which colors to choose for your sofa?

Sofas singapore comes in different color options, but the ones that looks elegant must be chosen. Here are some choices that works for most homes:

  • Beige: This color looks pretty on any style sofa and color of your home. There are cooler as well as warmer beiges available and is preferred over white as it does not show dirt easily.
  • Blue: Navy blue is a color which is considered as neutral, other shades of blue have a good sofa potential and is quite versatile. You can use it in any room or style of sofa and it works with most colors in the color palette. It can work as a neutral or a statement piece based on the shade you choose.

sofas singapore

  • Gray: It is a neutral color for sofa which is available in cooler and warmer shades as well as light and dark so you can have a huge choice. It has an advantage over black for not getting dirty easily and not showing light colored dust.
  • Red: this is a bold color and quite versatile too. It is a popular choice if you want a mid-century modern as well as traditional look and want a color to pop in giving a minimalist and contemporary look to your interior. It can work great with blue or pink walls and is eye-catching too.
  • Brown: if you are buying a leather sofa then brown is the most popular choice. You have option to choose from shades ranging from rich chocolaty to lighter tanned sofas singapore.