Teak shower chair – Brief overview

teak shower seatWe need to identify what is bona fide teak that is utilized to fabricate the best, longest lasting, rugged shower chairs, shower mats and shower organizers and fittings perfect for the warm, muggy and moist environment of a steam bath, spa, shower or bathing place. As I discussed in a previous article (Teak Shower Seat, Why Pick Teak?), teak has unsurpassed and fundamental attributes for corrosion resistance, durability, beauty and durability when utilized to fabricate the health spa fittings, therefore we should not head into this.

Species, Scientific Title: Tectona grandis (Common Teak). That is far and away the most important and extremely used species. Other teak types, such as hamiltoniana out of Burma/Myanmar and philippinensis in the Philippines are rare rather than normally utilized; however there is always a market for a lot of these items. If you are taking a look at anything created from real teak, make sure that it is Teak shower bench raised on confined plantations that protect rare trees, rainforests and devotes sustainable silva civilization for indigenous populations.

Colour and Texture: Common Teak is a yellowish brown wood with exceptional textures and grains. Within an external environment, exposed to atmospheric illness and sunlight, it is going to change to a homogenous silver grey shade over a month or two. This diminshes the nature of the decor does this lose strength. Generally this gray patina blends beautifully and contrasts well among backyards and plants.

Upkeep: Frequent Teak Calls for no maintenance, nor does it have to be put out for winter. The high concentration of oil and silica within the wood preclude corrosion, fungus and insect destruction. For the most part folks prefer the pure look of aged teak but in the event you want to check out the grain and color, it is not difficult to gently sand away the gray outside to show again the colour of the first wood. Teak requires no surface treatment, performing admirably in its normal condition.

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