Vaser Liposuction Thailand – Getting Your Facts Right

There’re many surgeries that will help you get the desired outcome that otherwise isn’t possible even with the strict diet or exercise. Liposuction, also known as ‘vaserlipo’ or’lipoplasty’, is the cosmetic surgery that removes any stubborn fat from various sites of a person. Vaser lipo is one advanced type of the body contouring method that selectively removes any unwanted body fat. It is done in a way that it won’t affect any surrounding blood vessels and connective tissues. Body areas where this surgery is performed are lower and upper abdomen, male chest, back, inner & outer thighs, buttocks, neck and chin, calves, knees, ankles and more.


  1. Firstly, targeted area gets injected with ‘tumescent fluid’.
  2. Then it becomes simple for removing any fat cells to lower any risk of bruising and blood loss.
  3. Fluid helps to shrink surrounding blood vessels & numbing the area.
  4. High ultrasound waves will get transmitted through probes that help to loosen any fat cells without even disturbing any connective tissues, blood vessels and nerves.
  5. Small incisions will be made in your body between the skin and muscle layer, by which thin tubes and probes will be inserted.
  6. Depending on number of areas treated, the vaser lipo treatment takes many hours.
  7. Liquefied fat cells then are removed from your body by special suction tubes called ‘cannula’.

vaser liposuction Thailand,

From different types of the liposuction, the arm liposuction is very popular among young people. They go for the vaser liposuction Thailand.

Who is the right Candidate?

  • Candidates perfect for this type of liposuction surgery must have very good skin tone as it helps skin to molds in the new contours.
  • Patient has to be in very good health; and people with any blood problems, like diabetes, coronary artery disease, and those with the weakened immune systems must not undergo any liposuction.
  • People having loose skin elasticity will end up in loose looking skin where procedure was done.
  • Candidates must be above 18 years age

Thus, you will get an ideal body that you have always wanted with help of Vaser Liposuction.