Get your house painted by the experts today!

Painting your new condo can sometimes turn out to be an ordeal if you don’t know who to call. It is important to look for painters who are experienced and will complete the whole process smoothly. ‘5 Star Painting’ is a residential painting service that deals with paintwork HDBs and Condos. They are a business that have been operating for more than 30 years in Singapore. They are the experts in interior and exterior painting work and have a variety of different packages to suit your needs.

The maintenance of your condo is should always be a top priority because it will greatly affect its resale value. A freshly painted condo makes a very good impression on potential buyers if you wish to sell the place. Otherwise, it is still a good idea to paint your house once in a while. There are mainly 3 packages available at ‘5 Star Painting’: The Basic, the enhanced and also the premium. The best value for money option is the basic package starting at a very low price of $750 for a 1,000 Sq Ft Condo.

residential painting service

The most popular package among Singaporeans is the Enhanced painting option which starts at $950 for 1,000 Sq Ft Condo. If your budget is a higher than average then you should consider the Premium package for which makes use of top quality paints for a long-lasting finish. Regardless of the size of your home, the residential painting service that ‘5 Star Painting’ provides is completed in 3 days or less and that’s a guarantee.

So, what are you waiting for, dial 6899 4084 today for a free quotation and also, you can check out the website for the different painting schemes available according to property area and paint quality.

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