Become highly successful copy editing

Editing normally starts with you as a writer, only after finishing your manuscript or article. Writers tend to be under the illusion that an editor could rewrite a text, only after the first writing bargain. It is however the author’s duty to revise or rewrite the narrative in a record and make sense of it. The editor is supposed to be an objective person to guarantee correctness by checking the spelling, punctuation, language structure, style, consistency, fluidity, smooth sequence of chapters and paragraphs.

Unfortunately they don’t always have enough time, because of tight deadlines and a large number of other works. It is in this context where blog copywrite and proof readers come in, to meet this very important undertaking. Often the record is specialized, or academic and more formal with an index and bibliography which needs arrangement with clarity of facts. freelance copyedit proof readers and editors should therefore realize that all tasks won’t be straight forward, and because of cognizance needs to be taken of these;

When you take on a mission, first give it a short speed read to be able to get the gist of this story or manuscript. Don’t get too engrossed and have a rest and if time permits, sleep over it. If it is a long text that is been passed on you electronically, then print it and use a font size and size that you are comfortable with. Try to place yourself in the shoes of your readers and note in particular any repeats, fluency, spelling, punctuation and correct facts. Only do short segments at a time i.e. no longer than 30 minutes without a break, otherwise you stand a great prospect of losing concentration. Make absolutely certain you are feeling satisfied with your work, before sending it for publication.

Copy editing isn’t that daunting a task as long as the guidelines which are described above are followed in a diligent and consistent way. Do not forget that the magazine editor, who passed the job on you, expects only the best, and that any deliberate slipup from your side, could be financially catastrophic. Experience and unusually competent editing and writing will quickly build your reputation, but any significant deviation from a fantastic work ethic will both and rapidly ruin your reputation. Proofreading and editing can be quite lucrative indeed, and for people who have natural talent, the sky is virtually the limit. It is important however to network in the correct writing circles so as to discover where to find those high paying copy editing jobs.

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