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There is an ongoing PBS TV series Known as Closer to Truth. Neuroscientist Robert Lawrence Kuhn hosts it. He is featured in one of interviews and panel discussions with all the cream of the cream of the cosmologists, physicists, philosophers, theologians and psychologists. Let me speech that area that asks will God ever make particular interventions to the planet, otherwise called ‘wonders’. Miracles are God’s correction liquid or fluid or white out paper. It is frequently stated that prevention is far better than cure, so if God, our all knowing, all powerful, God, abided by this doctrine, then he’d act to avoid something instead of letting that something to occur then having to heal it at a later date using a miracle.

 god reality

As an instance, there is a wonder considered to getting lived an ‘Act of God’. If God had pioneered that ‘Act of God’ there would have been no demand for the wonder. Talking of wonders, is not it amazing that some wonders never appear to come to pass, such as how about those thalidomide babies all never having their stumps regenerate into limbs ¬†¬†ditto for amputees. The way has not, unless I am confused, any miracle recorded, composed and printed as a peer reviewed post in a scientific journal. Probability theory notes that the unlikely although perhaps not the hopeless could occur. If something which sometimes happens, but occur just extremely rarely, really occurs, the very improbability of this brings itself to people most intimately concerned to loosely throw around the term wonder. If supernatural wonders happen, it is not a marker for God’s compassion and rationality however His irrationality.

There have been no reports of God strutting His materials here because These Old Testament reports and I am not sure they are. Since God has shown His encounter here in over 2000 years to ask What is God so fearful of that He is not ready or prepared to pop into existence in The skies as an instance, and throw round 2 or a thunderbolt To tell us He is still ready and willing to kick some Irreligious buttocks why did God create us. I understand some extreme fundamentalists like to Point that out every tornado each earthquake Lightning attack, tsunami, each thunderstorm and eruption is God intervening in revealing and human affairs intense and His anger displeasure with His creation.