Suggestions about rules for twitter followers

The golden rule in twitter is, if you would like someone to follow you, follow them first. This is the entire idea of what we call media. It is also, I assume a good guideline in life. Let say for instance, the dilemma of friendship. If you would like to gain friends, you need to be friendly. Other thing you need to think about here is all about relevancy. Relevancy plays a huge role in twitter too. Of course you want people to follow you, but not just any individual; you need of course that those who will follow you enjoy the things that you like. So, start looking for people of similar persuasion as you. And the best way to do this is by using twitter search. Click the tab find people and type in your kind of market, say religion, or perhaps raising children.

Twitter Followers

Twitter will automatically record user names which tweets on the keywords or keyword you typed. Follow the ones that are listed. As the saying goes, birds of the same feather flocks together, chances is that, those individuals that you have followed will follow you back. They will maybe check your profile, like I do, to determine if what you are twitting is related to theirs, and if it is, they will for sure follow you back. You may also tweet some of their tweets to demonstrate you are serious about following. Although it is not a guarantee that 100 percent will follow you back, a 50 percent follow back is not bad in any respect that is base on my experience. Do this for every single key word which you believe best describes what you like to do and what you are twitting about. You can use Google ad words key tool to search for similar key words of your specialty. And after you got the key words, do the procedure mentioned above over and over. That is right you heard it right. Specify a time frame; say 48 hours, or 3 days or perhaps a week.

That should provide you ample time to find out who actually followed you back and not. You can do this manually, one by one. Click the following word and inflow one by one. The website has a mass inflow button which will automatically assess your twitter account and inflow those users that aren’t after you with just one click of a button. This will clear your follow up room so you can repeat the procedure cited above all over as desirable. I have this identical question myself, and after a couple of searches and blogging about it with specialists on Twitter Followers. I have arrived at this twitter places a limitation on the number of tweeters you may follow. And as soon as you reach that limit, twitter keeps you from placing people in your follow record until you gain more followers.