February 2017

office partition design

It’s no easy feat going through the hard hours of fashion school and applying for internships to work under renowned designers. Now that that’s done, and some money has been saved and kept aside, it’s time to start your own. It’s almost every fashion student’s dream to start their very own line. With all the legal paperwork and creative ideas under the belt and having found a suitable location, here are a few other factors to consider when it comes to starting up.

office partition design

Equipment needed to run

It is important that good grade machinery is purchased. Investing in second hand equipment can be kind to the pocket in the short term, but should issues arise it will prove to be more costly. Look for great instalment payment plans that might help. That way you will be able to get all the different machinery without any struggle. Good equipment does result in neat work.

Storage for basic supplies

In a business such as this, storage is very important. Having enough space to put away the bulk quantity of fabrics and trimmings is key. The space should also be well secured to prevent damage from insects, rodents, humidity and theft. Take into consideration an insurance policy that can help in the case of unexpected hiccups. Having a storage area for the produced garments is also very important. These can be placed in a well organized area. You could choose a room divider in glass to create your display area. Look through office partition design ideas from the manufactures who specialize in these. Not only will it prevent the garments from fabric dust but it will also look pretty.

Light and air to serve the purpose

For a workshop such as this, lighting that’s fancy and mood setting is irrelevant. Have a good partition system set up that will help the employees work with out straining. Good, bright white lights are the best. They will keep the eyes from hurting and every thread and needle will be easily seen. The area has to be well ventilated and spaced out. Expect and prepare for lots of fabric dust and waste. Working in constricted airtight spaces can be hazardous to health.

Client meeting room

Meeting clients is a major part of this industry. Have an office space set up. Organize to have an office partition wall put. Select a material that will give you privacy enough to talk without the noise of all the machinery, yet having the ability to observe the work area. Clients will appreciate your office space which will provide them the freedom to discuss their needs and likes.

Break area

It is also very important that you set up a small space that will give the employees a chance to stretch their legs and grab a bite to eat. Install a fridge, washroom and a sitting area. This is important as a happy, rested employer is a productive and healthy one.